Welcome to the Wolf vs Goat Rewards Club. By selecting Wolf vs Goat, you have made a conscious decision to join men in DC and all over the globe in an exclusive rewards program that pays for itself in as long as it takes you to read this introduction. Wolf vs Goat stands for quality and craftsmanship while offering a bit of eccentric fun. We want to give you the chance to join our club and enjoy generous rewards for being the man of style that you are. Here’s how it works: in exchange for a one time fee of $100.00 you receive 50% off all purchases from the Wolf vs Goat website and all in-person purchases (by appointment only). Final sale items are excluded. Upon payment you will receive a promo code for all future purchases online and off. That’s it and that’s all. No matter if you're a Wolf or a Goat, your $100 earns you 50% off purchases for life. No questions asked. You do the math. We appreciate your business and look forward to having you join the club. Welcome to the Wolf vs Goat community.

Wolf vs Goat Rewards Program


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