Happy New Year and here is another update to keep you in the loop!

Posted: Jan 08 2016

Happy New Year!

I want to start off by apologizing for the shirt delays.  According to USPS , ALL the MTO shirts were in the U.S. on December 22th. Due to holiday traffic and the attacks on Paris, customs slowed everything down.

On the bright side the shirts are with me. They look amazing, as expected. I am starting to ship everyone's shirts today!


I have a lot going on for the New Year. I am looking for investors and trying to ramp up basics.

The weather has been down right nuts and some great product ready for you just in time.



A little back ground the scarves.

The fabric composition is 60% cashmere and 40% wool. The yarn is from Cariaggi. I am a huge fan of Cariaggi. Since 1958 Cariaggi has been making some of finest luxury yarns world.

The scarves are woven on very old wooden shuttle looms. There aren't many looms still operating in Italy like these. It's a true artisan craftsmanship at it's best. The process is slow and laborious. 


 The scarves are 70cm x 200 cm.

In inches that's 27.5 inches ( 2.3ft ) x 78.75 inches ( 6.5ft). That's a nice long scarf!

The scarves retail for $210.00 respectively , which is a steal in it's own right.


We have also made a patterned scarf  for 3 seasons. I really enjoyed designing this scarf and it was a pleasure to watch them being made.

The fabric composition is -

65% cotton 18% cashmere 17% linen using the finest yarns , of course. This scarf is a little smaller than it's winter counter part. It's clocking in at 70cm x 180cm.

The patterned scarf is great for anyone and I am sure your better half would love one! 

The patterned scarf retails for $165.00 .



 We made a few extra sweaters and I am happy we did. True works of soft , yummy, perfection.

All the sweater are 100% wool made from "cashwool" from Zegna Baruffa. The yarn is incredibly soft even for extra long extra fine merino wool.

The tag on the collar is meant to be removed.

The " HUNTER" is a beefier version of last season. It's offered in Burgundy, Navy, and Black.

Retail $ 150.00

Color options Black, Navy , or Burgundy

The" Connery" retail $200.00

Color options Burgundy or Navy

The "Mr.Rogers" retail $205.00

Color options - Burgundy and red or Navy and blue

Finally the "Brosnan" Retail $225.00

Color option - Navy with burgundy accents


That's all for now.








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