Delivery of the wool and wool blends

Posted by Mauro Farinelli on

The wool and wool blends are finished, kinda. If you don't know, the dye house I use in the U.S. only uses organic and non-corrosive chemicals and dyes for dyeing. They follow some ridiculously strict guidelines. 

The wool blends are reacting oddly to the care label printing. The fabric was scorched and the dye was literally eating through the fabric. Needless to say, we are using a different method of applying the care tag labels.

I am now going to have satin labels or something that can be torn out so that the beautiful fabric doesn't get damaged.

This means I can't ship them today like I wanted to do. The wool and wool blends will go out when the "yummy" and thermals ship.

I apologize and am bummed beyond bummed, however, on the flip side the fabric and shirts are beyond fantastic and waiting a week longer is better than having a damaged shirt.

I hope you can understand my position and we are working on a solution but at this time I just don't see it happening until I return.





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