Fall Findings

Posted: Oct 03 2017


Fall is here and we have A LOT of simply kick-ass items for you. Mid-October, we will be releasing new bamboo sorona tees in all body styles. We will also be releasing the start of our wool and wool blends. Hopefully, by the end of the month all the short sleeve heavy weight bamboo sorona tees will be finished. 

Sweats. We have sweat pants dropping that are similar to the "jim" short. We are also releasing a fitted zippy. Restock of the "jim" shorts will be ready next week.

Sweaters. We have several new sweaters. The sweaters range for a 7gg 100% wool crew to a 1gg shawl cardigan. The sweaters are super sweet and are being made by an old Italian lady who has been making sweaters for over 50 years by herself, she truly is an artisan and a wizard of her craft.

Not much to report on the trouser and button up situation. I am still trying to figure out how I can make the shirts and pants in a tie productive manner like the tees.

I really think you will enjoy what we are making and our fall selection is going to be pretty bad ass.

Have a great day!

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