I am off to Italy

Posted: Feb 13 2017

I am going to give a few factory's offers they can't refuse. I will also be face to face with the button-up factory. Needless to say, our working relationship is over. I need to see where the goods are and get an explanation of what is taking so long. 

Just so everyone is aware, your shirts are paid in full. The factory deposited the entire amount, yet the have failed to give me a tracking number.

I will take care of it and everyone will receive the items they ordered.

I'll also be meeting with the mill that made the avocetta knit. We are in the process of replacing and your tees will be ready asap.

Everything still holds going forward from my last blog post. There will be a pre-order starting while I am gone. If the item is delayed past the time I promise, the item will be refunded and you still recieve your item on us. This way you get your hard earned money back plus the garment.

I will be taking pictures and posting them on facebook and instagram. I will not go on facebook live if I have to beat down the factory owner ( that is a joke. I am not going to batter anyone).

Tuesday, all the remaining stock from the thermals, yummy's, and wool blends will be up for sale. Every single style and fabric is worth picking up.


The lumberjack henely and the wool, tencel, poly tees are perfect for spring summer. Those are my thoughts.

Please hold of on any returns until I get back on March 1st. I don't want things getting messed up.



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