Spring/Summer 2017

Posted by Mauro Farinelli on

It's been a minute. I want to tell you wants going on. 

First, let me introduce our newest sweatshirt called the "Massimo". The Massimo is 100% made in Italy. The fabric, laundry, and wash processes. It's a great fitting sweatshirt and I think most will like it. The "Massimo" sweatshirt will be a stock item so MTO isn't an option. The "Massimo" will go on pre-order early next week, except a newsletter.


Second, we have made new bamboo sorona, roll neck, short sleeves tees for Spring/Summer 2017. We think you guys will really enjoy them. The tees will go online as soon as the pictures get formatted for the website. The new colors and patterns are perfect for Spring/Summer.

Third, a few people have been asking about suits. I am willing to do a MTM or MTO group buy. The suits will be hand made, full canvas, with all the bells and whistles. I will offer a navy and charcoal grey in a rich 3 season wool. Please email if you are interested. My goal is to make around 10 suits.

Fouth, I am going back to Italy soon. While, I am there, I will start the pre-ordering for all fall sweaters. These can be MTO. The sweaters will be "cut to order". I will not be carrying stock. I have several amazing models with some pretty incredible stitches. All the sweaters will be made out of the finest wool, like we always do.

Fifth, I am starting a thorough trouser program. I will have 3 or 4 body styles and you will dig the fabrics. There should be a fit for every body type. The trousers will be "cut to order" and eventually built into a stock program.

Sixth, I have Italian tees being made in 100% cotton interlock. Just one more way WvG is raising the bar on a basic tee. We will be offering a myriad of colors and a kick ass price.

Next, I have all the new summer/transition button-up shirts launching after we do the pre-orders for the sweatshirts. It's a nice capsule and the timing is perfect for summer and transitional wear.

Finally, We are producing a small capsule of novelty tee shirt fabrics for summer and fall. I want to use 3 different fabrics. One will be 100% french linen made in Japan. Those tees will be made in here in the USA. The other two fabrics are a silk modal and a 100% tencel knit, both of those fabrics are being made in 100% in Italy.

A lot is going on. It's a good time to be a rewards member.