Tuesday's Newsletter

Posted: May 22 2017

Hello! Tuesday's newsletter will be delayed. The sale will start Thursday. To get everyone excited here is what's going to be on the list.

All the Albini poplin shirts. All the overdyed Thomas Mason oxfords. I have some tencel and specialty shirts, going up. I have linen viscose trousers going on sale ( I totally forgot about these pants and I am even wearing a pair, they are awesome). I have light weight wool trousers in both enzo and predator going on sale. 

There are a few other pieces like a ultra light weight wool suit and shorts that I will be putting up soon, along with a few other pair of shorts and unlined summer blazers.


Status update-

The Massimo sweatshirts are on time and are leaving the dye house this week, with some luck you will even receive them early.

I have ordered 800 yards of Bamboo Sorona. We aremaking transition colors and well as some different neck lines. I will even make a few scoop necks. We will also start making some custom prints. The prints will either be incredibly awesome or down right horrible. 



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