What Is Wolf vs Goat?

What Is Wolf Vs Goat?


Wolf vs Goat stands for quality and craftsmanship. We do not cut corners and we never will. We offer luxury, handmade menswear apparel and accessories utilizing materials and fabrics from Italy, Japan, Switzerland and the UK in accordance to the Fair Trade Act. We continually strive to create unique and interesting products, using the best factories, tailors, and seamstresses in the United States.  We employ these domestic factories because we believe American labor is the future of our economy. We have partnered with American Made Matters and The Made in America Movement to show our commitment to improving the landscape of garment production in America.   


Our goal is to set a standard for men domestic and abroad to return to a time when men were proud of showing themselves. Our mission is to offer our customers a comprehensive shopping experience while providing a sense of individuality for every man. No matter if you’re a Wolf or a Goat, we have something for you.