Made to Measure

Custom made clothing comes from a rich tradition of artisans from all over the world. Wolf vs. Goat brings you the sophistication of Italian, English and American craftsmanship with its made-to-measure shirts and suits. Wolf vs. Goat has spared no expense to bring you a variety of patterns and hundreds of fine fabrics combined with an unlimited color palette. These pieces transcend typical stock garments, pairing expressive levels of art and comfort.

Our made-to-measure shirts bridge the gap between designer and customer, putting you in the driver’s seat. Not only do you get to choose the pattern, the color, the very fabric, but you also decide how fitted you want the chest, shoulders and waist. Simply follow the interactive measuring instructions on our site, send us your measurements and have a custom-made shirt sent right to your door.  These shirts are modeled from Wolf vs. Goat’s most popular silhouettes of the Before Dinner and After Dinner shirts. If our off the racks sizes don’t fit you well enough, you need these made-to-measure shirts.

You get the same freedom with our custom-made suits. Whether the occasion is a wedding, business meeting or simply a night on the town, you’ll love the unparalleled comfort and innovation, tailor-made for your frame.  All suit measurements are made by the designer himself, to ensure a perfect fit, crafted for you alone. If you appreciate an amazing suit and love wearing them, you’ve met your match.

We have also made our order form available to you so that you may fill in the measurements and the details that you want so that you can have this service no matter where you live.

With that said everything you read next PLEASE READ CAREFULLY:

This is the section, located at the top of the form, where you will fill in the measurements that you receive from a qualified tailor:



Again, a QUALIFIED TAILOR. Please don’t get your friends to help. We want you to be in the best fitting shirts possible so do everything you can to help us help you!

Do understand that we can not take responsibility for ill-fitting garments as the measurements are provided by you and not us.

The only measurements you will need are:

·         Tail length

·         Chest

·         Waist

·         Sleeve (measuring from the center back to the shoulder where the seam would hit and                

                then from the shoulder to the cuff

·         Sleeve placket

·         Shoulder Type

·         Shoulder Drop

The last two measurements are filled in this field which is on the bottom left of the form:



Also we will need your exact height and weight.

Please specify in the special request section if you want to base your shirt on the Before or After Dinner block otherwise it will be based on a traditional made to measure pattern.

It should be noted that if you are ok with the current pattern of the Before or After Dinner shirt but just needed extra length added to a particular area you would just provide how many inches you need added and leave everything else blank.

When you fill out your form scan the completed form and email it to 

Please remember to write legibly, and with dark ink and include your full name, shipping address and email address.

Once the form is recieved you will be contacted to discuss pricing and delivery.

When you receive your shirt it may fit ever so slightly larger than you anticipated. It is that was in accounting for shirking. Please keep that in mind.

Remote made to measure ordering is only available for shirting at this present time. .

Click here  to download our made to measure order form.

Contact us today at to get started on the best suiting you will ever own.

Proudly Made In The USA and Italy

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