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They say that hatred is the product of fear. Fear of the unknown or at times, even fear of the known. And sometimes one even convinces him or herself that he or she hates something but in reality, they have an affection for that thing but are uncomfortable as a result.

Well, of all the things in the fashion world that there are to hate, a whole lot of people, happen to hate the short sleeve button down shirt and I can only imagine that this hatred is a product of fear or discomfort. Fear of not knowing how to wear the short sleeve button down shirt or the discomfort associated with liking the short sleeve button down shirt, but not knowing where to begin when choosing them or wearing them.

But what's even more sad than the hatred is the fact that, to their detriment, many consumers never even consider the short sleeve button down shirt. In doing so, they are truly missing out on a versatile, comfortable, stylish piece of the wardrobe that everyone should at least consider, if not purchase.

Let us tell you why.

How Do I Wear It?

Let's start out by establishing something that will hold true throughout the entire discussion of the short sleeve button down shirt: fit is key.

In fact, one of the reasons that people have such negative reactions to the short sleeve button down shirt is because they conjure up images of Wayne Knight's character from Jurassic Park, a man who does the short sleeve button down no favors and rightfully gets eaten by a pack of velociraptors. Well, when we're referring to the short sleeve button down shirt, we're referring to the well fitted, not tight and restrictive, but not loose and floppy, short sleeve button down shirt. The type of short sleeve button down that mimics the fit of your tailored dress shirts, but without the bottom half of your sleeves and a bit shorter. The sort whose buttons don't threaten to burst at even the most unexpected movement yet don't move about like a flag on a flagpole on a windy day. Because that type of short, the well fitted short sleeve button down shirt...that's the one that we want you to consider, and that's the one that's very, very versatile.

The short sleeve button down, when worn fitted, but not tight, actually fits right above a polo shirt and just below a long sleeve button down on the formality scale, yet, can also function one step down on the formality ladder if you chose to wear it as such. That means, the short sleeve button down can be worn to the office on a weekend, a casual, beachside party on a summer night, a casual beachside party on a summer day, or even while on a stroll in the early fall or late spring.

The truth of the matter is, the short sleeve button down can fill a number of roles but for it to do so, remember, fit is key.

And there are a few other things to keep in mind:

  • A short sleeve button down shirt can be worn with shorts or pants. It's truly your choice; you can't go wrong either way.
  • Short sleeve button downs come in all sorts of fabrics and patterns/prints. Just like the typical button down shirt, the more reserved patterns and prints tend to be more versatile, but the fun prints and patterns are too cool to pass up. Picking one can be tough, so either buy them all (one can dream), or build your collection as you would any other piece of your wardrobe.

So, there you have it. Some things to think about when searching for a short sleeve button down shirt.

Perhaps you'll find the one that works for you. Or maybe you won't find one at all. Just remember to make the decision yourself and ignore the haters. Life's too short for those who think small.


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