About us

Wolf vs Goat is a modern men’s clothing brand combining the art of authentic, expertly-tailored luxury garments with a commitment to sustainability. We create clothes that seamlessly integrate into your daily life, offering a blend of timeless style and responsible sourcing.

Our journey always begins with a deep appreciation for the fabric. Our dedicated team traverses the globe in search of unique environmentally sensible materials crafted by true masters of their trade. We then infuse these exquisite textiles with our clean, modern designs.The final touch comes from skilled tailors and seamstresses in Italy, Portugal, and the United States, who painstakingly bring our visions to life.

When choosing Wolf vs Goat, you can trust that your garments are meticulously crafted by artisans who take immense pride in their work and are dedicated to making a positive impact on our planet. We're not about the mundane, trend-driven disposable products of fast fashion. Instead, we offer a subtle opulence - a style that embodies a timeless sense of value, craftsmanship, and even a touch of fun.

Who is Wolf vs Goat?

What sets Wolf vs Goat apart is our unwavering commitment to sustainability and affordability without sacrificing quality, a passion that dates back to our founding in 2010 by Mauro Farinelli. Mauro began on a small scale, focusing on artisan-made button-down shirting, and quickly gained a cult following. Recognizing the importance of responsible production long before it became a trend, he embarked on a journey to explore new, specialized dyeing techniques and sustainable fibers.

These two passions, quality craftsmanship and eco-friendly innovation, were eventually harmonized. Mauro's profound appreciation for high-quality, functional garments merged with his expertise in responsible dyeing practices and a unique eye for less-conventional colors. With Wolf vs Goat, we take pride in offering men garments that they will not only love but also grow to cherish as they age gracefully with every wear.

By embarking our journey, you will embrace a style that not only stands the test of time but also respects our planet and the (skilled) artisans who bring these creations to life. Wolf vs Goat is more than just clothing; it's a commitment to fashion that's sustainable, stylish, and built to last.