TGIF and Contest time, day 4

Posted: Aug 01 2014

Hello everyone.

Everybody knows I love doing contests and giveaways. The new over dye oxfords arrived this week. I couldn't think of a better time to do a contest.

One shirt per day will be posted and there is 1 days left. Monday will be the final day of the contest with a special shirt.

The contest is very straight forward and simple.

Here are the rules.....

Give the over dye oxford a food or drink name. Only foods and beverages will be accepted as answers.

The first person to give the best answer that we ( WvG) feel represents the color of the shirt gets a free shirt shipped to them.

Each person may only give ONE answer. The rest will not be valid entries.

If multiple people give the same answer it will go to the first person who gave that name.

One shirt per day will be posted for 4 days.

I will contact the winner through a blog post or instgram. If you are answering through the blog I will email you and we will post it after you accept your prize.

Contest answers are only valid if submitted through the blog or instagram.

The comment section is below just fill everything out and you are in.


Here is today's shirt.

Good Luck!

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