A lot of changes of been happening over here at Wolf vs Goat. As a result we have shifted away from our  normal marketing venues.

We will now do all of our product releases via instagram, facebook, and the WvG blog.

This way, you the consumer, can get the facts about the products we release  straight from us and not through a 3rd party who might not know all the facts or bells and whistles behind our products.

Here at Wolf vs Goat, we believe in making the best possible product. It's very important to us that you, the consumer understand what you are buying, whether it's from us or someone else.

We feel that it's best, that we explain ourselves and our products on our blog. Then others can share if they wish.

Get ready to to learn why our shirts are probably hands down the best possible shirt for the price and why you can't go wrong with our bottoms.

We will try our best to keep the technical terms to a minimum. We will also try to give you some very nice visuals so that you can understand what makes a product a cut above the rest.






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