These aren't Garanimals....

Comfort, style, practicality, fit.  These are all traits we look for when buying clothes.

It's cool to be a little different, but to be cool and comfortable is a little slice of heaven.

We think we might have just done that.  Introducing our latest bottom option !

Say "Hello" to Barry.




Barry comes in our three standard body options.

Paul -The Paul is for the athletic guy or a dude with naturally big ass thighs

Predator- The Predator is in our opinion, the perfect overall fit. It's not relaxed it's not fitted. It's just really nice.

Enzo- The Enzo is our slimmest pant. It's pretty fitted in the thigh and tapers down to a slim leg opening.

Elastic waist band pants are nothing new. A myriad of designers have been making elastic pants for ages.

We just think ours are better. Better fabrics, better construction, and a better fit. Made in Italy by a friend who's a 4th generation pant maker. Making pants is in his blood.

The production pant will feature our signature double welt back pocket. The front pockets have been moved off the seam but in a double welted fashion. This eliminates those pesky "Rabbit ears" while still allowing you to put things in your pockets.

There is a drawstring inside the waistband, just in case you want a little extra snugness.

The fabric we will be using will be a natural dyed indigo waffle and our go to chino cloth.

What we would really like to use a mohair wool for this fall. We have that cloth in Navy and Charcoal but we need to make at least 25 pair.

We will send out a poll to our newsletter recipients and see what everyone would like considering we are on a "cut to order" system.

The sizing will be by waist sizes and we will give 1.5 inches between sizes.

We will give you another update soon and another sneak peek at a couple more wool trousers that are in the pipe line.

Price is TBD but it's going to be really nice!



The model is 6"2 with a 34 waist. He is wearing Barry with the predator fit.




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