The White Wave

We love Hollywood weekend blockbusters as much as anyone else around. We really get into good film though and the Gansel’s “The Wave” is a great example of that. Based on the novel by Todd Strasser the story center’s around the idea of the ease of establishing autocratic control within the confines of a High School classroom that ultimately spills out beyond those walls. It gets pretty heavy and definitely gives the viewer a lot to think about. Highly recommended.

One of the ways teacher Rainer Wenger (played by Jurgen Vogel) establishes control is by instructing a uniform of a white button-down and jeans. We were reminded quickly that everyone, boy and girl, looked great in such a staple piece. Though Wenger probably choose the shirt for being innocuous enough to not draw too much attention to his social experiment. 

Whatever the motive, you can’t go wrong with a white button-down and ours is perfect whether you are grabbing lunch or establishing a microcosm of the third reich in your classroom (though we certainly hope you aren’t successful).

Though Scott looks like he is giving that later some serious thought.

In both Before Dinner and After Dinner.

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