Pub Gear Outfit #5

I had to meet up with the ol'ball and chain and her work friends, last night for "happy hour". It was cold out. Why mother nature continues to fuck with us is a mystery. Tomorrow, it's suppose to snow. Honestly though, I could careless. It gives me a chance to wear some of my favorite items.

This is what I wore to the pub.

5gg Cashmere sweater. It was a prototype. Fully fashioned, in Italy. I used Cariaggi cashmere. Cariaggi, knits some fine yarn. The factory I use, works with Cariaggi a lot. This is important because the factory knows how to properly wash the cashmere. Washing the cashmere properly gives it that soft and yummy feel. People except that feel, when buying luxury cashmere products.

The cost of the sweater was to much for most to accept. When it came to production, I ended up using wool. I have a few left and the wool is pretty amazing. The quality and price is more than right.

The beanie was made in the USA, using 100% extra fine extra long merino wool. The construction method used was "Whole garment technology". That means it's seamless and that no linking is required.

The beanies cost $25.00. That's money well spent!

My tee is from two seasons ago. It's a heavy weight bamboo sorona tee. It was made here in the U.S.A. I will be making more for Fall'16, I promise.

The wallet was a gift from my brother.

The belt was made by Jon Wye. He is a local accessories maker here in D.C.. The quality is, alright. The cool thing about the belt is the dinosaurs. The T-Rex is eating toast!

 My jeans are really starting to break in nice. The redemption jean is made from Candiani denim , Italy. I really can't say enough good things about my jeans. There are to many bells and whistles to write about in this blog post.

The socks are WvG protos.

Finally, the shoes. Cole Haan lunargrand wing tips. I know all the shoe snobs are rolling their eyes, right now. I like them. I like them a lot. The shoe is light weight and incredibly comfortable.They make my feet feel, good. Having feet as flat as mine, sucks. These shoes make a difference. 

The pub ended being some chain pub. It's not worth mentioning. I did have a good time with my wife and her friends. That's all that really matters.









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