Slate and Brody "Surf's up".

Spring has sprung, summer is around the corner. This means working out,( outside),BBQ's, beach parties, and vacations. 

In our opinion, we think a relaxed crew neck or hoodie will be your perfect go piece. 

Introducing the "Slater" and the "Brody".

The slater is relaxed. The pictures below are comparisons for those who are use to the fitted "Balboa" and " Louden". 

"Slater" in heather grey.


Balboa is charcoal grey.

As you can see from the pictures. The Slater is just way more relaxed and that's how it should be. Throw it on and go. 

Justin ( model) is 5'11 with a 40 chest. He weighs 165lbs. He is wearing a medium in both sweatshirts.

The "Slater " in production will NOT have a gathering bottom rib. It will fall straight and hang. This change will give you a better fit and better silhouette. Another change from the pictures shown will be the neck gusset. The gusset will be made with rib. 

Here is Brody compared to Louden.

Brody is heather grey.

Louden in Navy 


The changes on Brody will be metal hardware on the end of the cord and rib gussets.

The sewing changes on the Brody going into production will be just like the Slater. The hem will fall straight and be relaxed. This change will give a cleaner finish and better silhouette.

Please note Lorenzo ( model) is 6'2 weighs 175lbs and has a 41 chest. He is wearing a large. Justin is 5'11 , weighs 165lbs. He has a 40 chest and is wearing a medium.

The size charts are on the product page for anyone interested. Personally, I would stick to whatever she you normally are. I have a 42 chest. I am 5'11 and weigh 175ish. I can easily and comfortably wear a medium. However, I am a large in both sweatshirts because of the shoulders. The large is just a great offing fit. 

Brody has a jersey lined hood with reinforced stitching. The hood is not bulky. It wears really nice. 


The fabric comes out of a neat little mill in Puglia , Italy. It's got a nice hand and made incredibly well. 

One more thing. Made to Order is available free of charge for rewards members on both the Slater and the Brody.

That's the skinny. See you at the beach. 




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