Christmas in July

Tomorrow, is the big day. It's when my wrists bleed the color of Santa's Suit. This can only mean one thing, sale time.

Just about everything will go on sale except for all the recent items we have made since the pre-order change.

The majority of items are "made in the USA" shirts that have been made in the past. There are however several items made in Italy. 

Everything is ridiculously cheap. It's a great time for you frugal sale shoppers that love high quality goods to get your fill.

 At first, I was going to list a bunch of items that I thought were must haves, but the list got to big. Instead, I will just list three items with pictures because everyone loves visuals.

1st Sneakers. The sneakers will go on sale way below what it costs me to make them. The sneakers will be priced around the same price as a van. It's really a no brainer.


2nd, We made a kick ass chambray a few years ago. It has amazing texture and a unique feel. It's pretty rad. 

3rd, Pinpoints. I have blue and white. All before-Dinner. 120's 2ply from Japan.

Actually, The pinpoints come in button-down and wide-spread collars. For the money it's worth stocking up on.

I have several great prints and tencel shirts. All in all it's a perfect sale for all those with a champaign taste on a kool aid budget.

The sale will start at 3pm, tomorrow.


Have fun shopping!



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