Pre-Order Wool Pants and Linen Trousers Have Shipped

All of the enzo trousers in "vibrant blue" and the navy "linen viscose" have shipped. 

I have stock and I can tell you this, if you ordered or own any Big Bubba's these pants are for you. 

I don't need to tell you about the construction. It's the top of the top, why else would you be shopping with WvG? 

I would like to talk about the color, drape, and feel of the fabric. Let's start with the linen blend. This is by far the most comfortable pant WvG has ever made, excluding the knit Toni pants, maybe. The 3% stretch is just right adding to the comfort.

The color is rich and dark. A perfect summer pant for you working professionals. It's also just a solid dress pant. 

Like all WvG dress pants, the trousers are meant to be taken in or out. If they are a little loose or a little tight, no worries. Your tailor will take care of the rest, easily. 

Living in the D.C. area with the nasty heat and humidity theses trousers are a no brainer.

My natural waist size is a 35 :( . I don't have anymore left so I snagged a pair of 36's. 

Sorry, I am now out of 36's.

WvG retail price $150.00 


The vibrant blue is just that, vibrant blue. It has a purplish hue but is very tasteful and for the nonconservative this is your pant. It's still perfectly respectable in the office but isn't that day in day out navy blue.

The fabric is a tropical wool mohair blend. Another perfect summer weight trouser. 


We have yet to see the hottest days this summer, so if you have to wear trousers to work, I recommend these.


WvG retail price $130.00






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