Q&A with Massimo Marzo

Q&A with Massimo Marzo

As Wolf Vs Goat grows we thought it'd be nice if you got to know some of the newer faces around here, so we'll be featuring some Q&As with the staff. Today we have Massimo Marzo! 

What’s your name and position in WvG?

I’m Massimo, my position is logistics and sourcing. Basically I handle shipping, buying all the accessories, dealing with problems about delays, and negotiating with factories.


Where are you based? And have you lived anywhere else in the world?

I’m in currently based in Sannicola, Italy. Previously I’ve lived in Japan where I was taking a university course and working as a waiter.


How long have you been in your line of work? When and where did you get started?

I started with Mauro about 8 years ago. I met him because he was studying Italian and I was his teacher. We did Italian together for about six to twelve months, we started when he was here in Italy and we continued over WhatsApp and Skype. As we got closer he asked me if I wanted to start working for him. I said yes, and he basically taught me everything I know and he’s still teaching me.


What intrigued you about working for WvG?

I would say that I basically knew nothing about fashion. I thought, for example, Gucci had their own factory and they made everything there, which is not the case, they have hundreds of factories all around the world. So I liked learning something new and getting to know basically everything about something that I had totally ignored. Also, I have a degree in English and Japanese and this job that allows me to speak English. I like that something I can use something I’ve studied my whole life.


What do you want to bring to WvG and how do you want to grow, build, expand, etc? Any perks you’ve found while working for WvG?

I really like the fact that it is a relatively young company and, of course, I’d like to see it thrive because if Mauro does well we all do well. I’d like to see if we can hire more people, like somebody to help me, not because I need help, but if I become overwhelmed with work that means we’re at a point where the company is really doing good. I’d also like to see more Italians employed by Mauro because he has the American mentality. If you work x, you must be paid x. If you work for extra time you’re paid for extra time. Here in Italy it’s not like this, they just try to squeeze you as much as they can. You do extra time, you don’t get paid any extra. You’re lucky if even you get paid what you’re owed. If we had more companies like Mauro’s we’d be living way better here in Italy.


Do you collect anything?

It’s easier if you ask what I don’t collect! My biggest collections would be comics and books, and then I also collect trading cards, posters, screen printings, and photos from famous photographers.


Desert island album? 

Permission to Land by The Darkness. It reminds me of my childhood and I love the sound.

If you had a sandwich named after you what would be on it?

Mauro would say tuna and cheese because I eat it a lot, but I would say Hungarian salami and galbanone cheese. We have it at the delicacy stores here, I’ve never seen in it in American stores.


What’s a dumb joke that always makes you laugh?

What did the buffalo say when his son left? Bison!


What would your role be in an Ocean’s 11 kind of heist crew?

Driver. Absolutely. I’m a super petrol head, a hundred percent. My getaway car would be a Subaru STI if it’s in the city, you need something fast with all wheel drive and a contained size, not something big and hard to drive.

Sounds like you’ve thought about this.

Oh yeah. When I can’t sleep and I have to think about something to help me sleep I always think about robberies and what would make the perfect crime.


What’s your favorite piece of clothing? 

It's a fleece hoodie my girlfriend gifted me. She knew that one of my dreams was going to Iceland to see the Northern Lights, and she gave it to me wishing I could wear it there. This is me wearing it in Iceland.


*Note: previously this Q&A was attached to another blog post. We decided it'd be better if it stood on its own

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