Sale is going strong

There are still a lot of great items left. 

4 Items to check out.

1. Melon Gingham tencel shirt. You won't regret buying this shirt. It will turn you into a believer of Tencel.

2. Italian Over dyes. I am not even sure why these shirts aren't sold out. The level of construction is there and the dye job is perfect. If you don't understand the sizing lay your best fitting shirt flat and measure pit to pit. Whatever that number is double it and that's your finished measurement. Compare that to the size chart and you are golden.

3. Short Sleeve seersucker. This shirt screams America. You still have 2.5 months to rock the shit out of this shirt, easy. 

4. Sneakers. I know sizing is hard. Follow your dress shoes size on the U.S. Brannock scale. The sneakers really are kick ass.


Just my 2 cents before I go to bed. I have a couple more items to put up tomorrow and that's it.

After this sale it's pre-order only stuff.



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