Shipping Times and Mauro's Surgery

Posted: Aug 19 2016

Hello. My Name is Susan Farinelli. I am Mauro's better half. I wanted to give everyone  an update on Mauro's condition and the sale.

Mauro is doing great. He had his tonsils and uvula removed. He also had his Nasal passage opened, his palate clipped, and his devoted septum repaired. 

 Mauro is 45 years old, his procedure was considered a major surgery. 

 My husband is one tough cookie. He didn't even want to be put under. Now, he is alert and somehow he is already eating solid food.

He isn't suppose to be moving around for a couple more days but I am having a hard time controlling him. He wants to make sure all the orders are shipped out in a timely manner.

 Before Mauro's surgery, he printed out roughly  95% of the order forms and shipping labels. He even managed to get several orders to the post office. 

We will be packing the rest of the orders today and over the weekend. We apologize for the delay and will get everyone the orders ASAP.

We thank you for the support. 

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  • Posted by chris on August 21, 2016

    Thanks for the update! Big fan of all your products. Don’t rush yourselves and be well!

  • Posted by R on August 20, 2016

    Commendable devotion to your craft. Thank you!

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