Stock USA shirts drop tomorrow.

I had to go to a wedding this weekend. The wedding was in New York, along the Hudson Valley. Needless to say, it was chilly. The leaves were turning and you could smell fall.

That fall weather gives you fall clothing and I have 5 shirts ready to go. All 5 shirts were made in the USA.

Two fabrics, I have never used before but bought a couple seasons ago. The rest are repeats.

All the shirts are $60.00. Rewards members can use their discount code.

The price break down isn't even worth it. I am losing money straight up. I am ok with it. I would rather see the fabric on you than sitting in a factory that I won't be using anymore.

The shirts were $32.00 to make. The fabric ranged from $6.50 to $13.50 a yard. All but one fabric hails from Japan. The Japanese fabrics are all narrow width goods and require  about 2.5 yards per shirt.

The buttons are either real horn or mother of pearl. Shipping is a couple bucks per shirt. No big deal compared to shipping from Italy.

I would say the average of the shirts cost me about $57.00 to make. All the fabrics are kickass. The brown on brown plaid is really, nice. The finish is spectacular. I want to do a video on just finishing. 

The finishing is what makes a really nice shirt, shine.  Below, is the brown on brown plaid.

 This shirt is really easy to match up, especially with fall colors. Khakis and denim are no brainers. You can also wear this shirt with a blazer or under a sweater. The shirt works back to navy and gray's with ease. A gray flannel would be pretty rad with the brown on brown plaid. 


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