Tees, Sweatshirts, and more...

The sweatshirts arrived. I am not happy with the olive to white. I am not really sure if they hired blind people to dye the sweatshirts but it is what it is. 

As everyone knows, I am not a photographer. The green isn't that bright, but my question to you is "How in the hell did yellow enter the equation?" How the hell did grass green become olive? 

In the south of Italy, Olives trees and olives are everywhere!! I am mean everywhere but grass isn't.  If the Italians dying the sweatshirts know a few things, the color of olive would be one of them.

Below, is the solid green sweatshirt. Wouldn't you think if you could make the color below you could make the color above correspond? I mean really.



Above, is a lot closer to Olive. In real life it's actually a very nice shade of green.

Below, is the gray to black. It came out incredibly well but like the Ombre shirts it's upside down.

To me this is a solid job. I think it's pretty badass. 

All the over dyed sweatshirts are running a size small. I thought math was a universal language, silly me. I am really at a loss for words. 

The XS and Small can fit your ladies friends perfectly, just saying. 

I will be contacting everyone who ordered the sweatshirts. 



The U-Necks were suppose to go on sale today but that's not happening. I couldn't get a sample in time. I know my clients like to look first. Once the sample is made ( in the process now) the U-Necks will go up for pre-sale.


Pre-Sale of rolll necks and V-Necks.

Thank you to everyone who bought a tee so far. The pre-sale has been a massive success.

I am down to single digits ranging from 1to 5 units left per color. The outlier sizes XS,XL, and XXL I only have one maybe two per color left. Mediums are between 3 and 5 units per color. Smalls range from 3 to 5 per color. Not many left, so if you want a tee there is still time.


Amazon Day.

I am not even going to try to compete with that madness. I will start my sale this Thursday. It's going to be a doozy for you and a blood bath for me. 

The people on Reddit Frugal Men's Fashion are going to have a field day. 

Enjoy the rest of your day. 




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