What are you asking for this year? The WvG Festive Guide

What are you asking for this year? The WvG Festive Guide

It’s that time of year. The days are short, the streets are lined with dirty snow and ice, and if you’re living with kids in the house you’re bouncing from one cold or fever to the next.

But it’s time to light the night with Christmas lights, pour a warm, festive drink, and deploy those winter boots and outerwear you’ve been waiting to rock.

It’s the holiday season and with it comes all sorts of highs and lows. No matter what you celebrate or how, it’s the last page of the calendar and time to take stock of our blessings. To think of the others in our lives who make our days a little brighter. To hold onto love a little tighter, or to look for new love, or to just say, fuck it I’m actually good on my own and deserve some new, awesome shit for myself, the hell with y’all!

It’s a time of gifting. Here at Wolf vs. Goat, we’ve put together our own holiday Wish List’s, of things we’re looking forward to receiving and giving this year. Some big, some small, all meant to spread some cheer, and all meant to stand the test of time.

Mauro Farinelli

First and foremost. I want everyone to be happy, healthy, and sane. I know in today's day and age that's asking a lot. 

This Christmas threw me a curve ball. I will be in Hawaii with my daughter and wife, visiting my dad and his wife. We aren't doing gifts this year. At least nothing big. We aren't checking in extra luggage for Christmas gifts. This year is about family outings and experiences. 

I am a giver. I love trying to make people feel good. I also want people to get things that are on their lists or things they really need. 

I am older now so material gifts don't mean much to me anymore. I just want to spend time with people who are important to me. 

That being said…I hope I get the villa in Italy that I want. Here I go talking out of both sides of my mouth. 

Being in Italy makes me incredibly happy. Hopefully, I do get a place there soon and then my family and I can spend a Christmas in Italy. 

Here is a picture of the piazza in southern Italy where I want to live. 

I am thankful for my customers and my team for being so supportive of WvG over the last 12yrs. 

If people do want some WvG gift ideas here is what I would suggest:

Try our chinos and oxfords. When the brand first started we started with oxfords. There is a level of thoughtfulness that we put into our shirts that very few brands can offer. 

Our chinos have a great fit and the fabric is sinfully soft and amazing.

Gabriella Vergari

Take a tour of the DeLorean from BACK TO THE FUTURE and take advantage of the Sports Almanac 1950 - 2050 from BACK TO THE FUTURE 2

Buy a private island, a pristine paradise, and give it to my husband (Gotta be honest, I didn’t even know islands like this were for sale, let alone for a tiny sliver of the price of the Washington Commanders…and an island is guaranteed to bring more happiness than the Commanders…this might be worth exploring…)

See the nuclear football and see if that damn red button really exists!

To make my son’s dreams come true, to eat anything without gaining weight, ever, but most important - that my family can enjoy good health, joy, and love.

Also for my son, the WvG piglet bathing suit. Made from 100% recycled nylons and polys which have been dredged and removed from the Mediterranean Sea, it looks cool while making the Mediterranean a cleaner, healthier place for the future.

Massimo Marzo

As an object, I’d like to receive a nice watch. I like watches and they don’t have to be super expensive for me to like them. One of my favorite brands is Seiko that has very nice watches under $500. Of course I also like more expensive stuff, but I would never ask anyone to buy me something like that.

As an experience, a trip to Japan is without a doubt my wish. I spent 6 months in Tokyo during university and I haven’t been back since. Probably 10 years now. I hope this is the year I’m able to finally go back, and maybe buy a watch that will be, “the watch I bought in Japan.”

The gift I can’t wait to give is the watch I bought for my girlfriend. She only has one quartz watch, and the battery died two years ago. I got her a nice automatic watch. I hope it will be with her for many, many years. It’s the most expensive gift so far, and I’m very nervous [for her to like it].

As a garment, I’d love a pair of pants from Wolf vs. Goat. We have some of the most beautiful wool pants I’ve ever seen, but unfortunately right now they’re all sold out. We made some drawstring pants that were the bomb.

Chris Hamm

Things on my wish list:

Things I’m excited to do for others:

  • Plan trips for my parents for next summer. They haven’t been on a vacation basically since I’ve known them!
  • Help WvG and Mauro accomplish their goals for 2023 and beyond.

Hopefully these lists can provide some inspiration for your own gift hunting. If you’re still looking for ideas, or for some other great stuff from us, here are three options anyone should be thrilled to unwrap:

Yellow Linen Scarf

A case study in fabric and color, books could be written about this scarf. Ok maybe just a long form article, because it is still just a scarf, but it’s pretty awesome. 100% linen sourced sustainably from Normandy, the texture has to be felt to believed. Soft, moisture-wicking, but still hardy, a lot of the specialness comes from how it’s woven and finished, which as you know is a source of great pride for us. The color is unique, with a natural ‘wabi-wabi’ aspect that means each one is slightly different. The yellow is great for being ‘front man’ for an otherwise muted fit, but not too bright so that it steals all the attention. And yes, a linen scarf might not be the first thing you reach for in the dead of winter while Punxsutawney Phil is seeing his shadow, but think of this as a ‘seasonally aspirational’ piece, a way to summon Spring, that first line of offense towards a lightweight jacket and an SPF 30…

Basketweave Cashmere Gray Beanie with Bright Neps

A straight down the middle no brainer for a holiday gift, this is awfully close to the perfect Winter hat, but with a little extra personality they may not see coming (who’s they, you may ask? All that matter is they know who they are, you know?).

Made from 100% Consinee Cashmere yarn, which is really special. Consinee are leaders in luxury yarns. You know how a master chef would use only the absolute best, freshest ingredients, so that all you need is a little salt, pepper, and olive oil? That’s the kind of cashmere this is. We really shine with our knitwear.

Warm and comfy, the beanie has these little ‘flakes’ of color that are really lovely. You could stare at these things for hours, lost in the swirling contrasts of color and grey, a seductive pas de deus of cashmere…maybe that’s just the eggnog talking but the point is, it’s a great hat.

Wool Cashmere Shawl Collar Cardigan 

This is the kind of piece that encapsulates all that makes Wolf vs. Goat special. Just an expertly crafted sweater made from the best possible Geelong wool and cashmere blend. Horn buttons, jersey stitching. The shawl collar unlocks that Grandpa mode you didn’t know you had, but once you spend a day in this thing you’ll feel like a 20th Century Man of Letters and think to yourself, “oh damn I should really start smoking a pipe, shouldn’t I?”

I live in LA, and out here this time of year, this cardigan would be the perfect dog-walking layer for chilly mornings and evenings. It’s got patch pockets deep enough for AirPods, an extra poop bag, and, yeah sure, a handful of Werther’s Originals candies to round out the fit.

Super soft but durable, the sweater will last you many winter seasons of being merry and bright.

Lastly I want to leave you with a personal anecdote and cautionary tale. When I was a kid one Christmas I asked for a U of Michigan shooting shirt - the one the team wore during warm ups, back when Robert Traylor was running things and Jamal Crawford was sinking 3’s. This thing was gorgeous. Blue and maize, snaps down the front, a little collar you could pop for a little attitude or keep down for more formal occasions. What a shirt…that i didn’t get. My parents belonged to the school of thought that says, ‘if the boy wants a Michigan shirt, it can be any shirt vaguely linked to the state of Michigan, especially if a cheaper option is found.’ That’s what I got. A T-Shirt advertising the state of Michigan. Obviously in the great List of American Tragedies, that Christmas ranks very low, but it left it’s mark. I vowed that when my kids ask for something specific, either get the specific thing or give it a wide berth and avoid entirely.

Don’t be like my parents (in this one particular regard. Otherwise they’re truly lovely people and I should be so lucky!)

Anyway, cheers to 2022, we hardly knew ye. And Happy Holidays to you and yours, from everyone at WvG!

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