About Us

Wolf vs Goat is a luxury men’s clothing brand focused on crafting garments from exceptional fabrics with expert tailoring. With strong roots in traditional design and construction, we’ve grown to offer a full line of men’s clothing and accessories.

You can tell the Wolf vs Goat story in three words: FABRIC, FIT, FINISH.

Everything starts with the fabric. We travel the world searching for materials that are made by master craftsmen and have a unique charm and style. Then we design each garment to have a fit that’s clean, modern and versatile. Finally, the finish, when each garment is carefully made by skilled tailors and seamstresses in Italy and the U.S.A.. It’s a level of quality and care that is unmatched in modern fashion. That’s disruptive luxury. That’s Wolf vs Goat.

We believe that the best clothes are the ones you can’t wait to put on again. The ones that you wear more than you should, just because you never want to wear anything else. From fit to fabric, they just feel right. That’s what Wolf vs Goat is about: the clothes you truly want to live in.

Proudly Made In The USA and Italy

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