About Us

Wolf vs Goat is a modern men’s clothing brand offering authentic, expertly-tailored luxury garments and accessories. We make clothes that become a versatile facet of your daily life. 

With strong roots in traditional design and construction, it always begins with the fabric. Our  team travels the world in search of unique materials made by masters of their craft, before adding our clean, modern design. Each piece is finally finished by skilled tailors and seamstresses in Italy, Portugal, and the United States. 

Wolf vs Goat customers are confident their garments are made by artisans who take pride in their work. Not the dull trend-disposable products from fast-fashion. It is a subtle opulence: style that evokes a timeless sense of value, craft, and even fun.  

Who is Wolf vs Goat?

After a background in fashion, Mauro Farinelli founded Wolf vs Goat in 2010. 

He began on a small scale with a line of artisan-made button-down shirting. After cult success, Mauro started to explore new, specialist dying techniques and textile production, including sustainable fibres. This was long before it became a trend.

The two arts were then married together. Mauro’s appreciation for high quality, functional garments met a studied approach to clothes dying, and an eye for less-conventional colors. With Wolf vs Goat, we’re proud to provide men with pieces they will love, and that get better the more you wear them.