About Us

Wolf vs Goat apparel successfully ushers modern men back into quality-constructed garments. Wolf vs Goat accomplishes this by pulling inspiration from vintage men’s fashion and adding a uniquely stylized yet contemporary personality.

From button-down Oxford shirts to beautifully, hand-crafted chinos, each piece in this line represents the perfect union of style and comfort. When you slip into the Before Dinner Button-Down with 100% mother of pearl buttons, you’ll feel the elegance of a tailored fit and experience the comfort of casual wear.

Wolf vs Goat is pure sophistication without pretension. High fashion made with the most durable of materials all crafted by local artisans in the USA. These unparalleled designs give you the opportunity to showcase your rich taste and individuality. The modern man deserves to be seen. Show yourself.

Proudly Made In The USA and Italy

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