3rd Day of name that tee and these colors are hard!

It's Saturday, you should be doing things outdoors, but let's try to win a shirt, shall we.

Here are the rules-

1. Names must be food or drink related

2. First person to give the winning name wins

3. You have a 24 hour window to guess. I will draw a name at on Aug.10th.

4. One submission per person , per color, per day

5. Please hit like when you enter your name

6. You can write an answer in the comment section below or on instagram


WvG will be releasing 2 different colors per day after today only one more day left.. Good Luck!

The tees are made of 60% bamboo and 40% Sorona garment dyed and constructed in the USA. The tees are crazy comfy and have been known to be the cause of several break ups because of the tees softness. Women love them so beware.


Today's two colors are........

 Good luck!


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