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  • Choose wisley and win a prize.........

    Posted August 08 2014

    It's day 2 of the tee shirt giveaway. 2 more incredibly soft bamboo sorona tees will be given away today. Here are the rules- 1. Names must be food or drink related 2. First person to give the winning name wins 3. You have a 24 hour window to guess. I will draw a name at 1pm tomorrow Aug.8th, 2014 4. One submission per person , per color, per day 5. Please hit like when you enter your name 6. You can write an answer in the comment section below or on instagram   WvG will be releasing 2 different...
  • The Tee Spree - Necklines

    Posted April 28 2014

                                                          The tee shirt is about as ubiquitous of a garment as there'll ever be. People just love wearing tee shirts and over time, they've continued to find new ways to sport the tee. What has always been worn as an undershirt then also started to be worn on its own, but primarily by those with certain jobs that allowed for it to be worn. But today, the tee shirt is worn everywhere, by everyone, and in seemingly every environment. We've gone on a tee spree, and I'm not sure about you, but I sure as heck hope it never...

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