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  • Out of the Shadows: Part III

    Posted August 02 2014

    The contingent of men who are learning to love the art of shaving is growing. And though this group shares a common interest, shaving, they are anything but homogenous and the factors that draw them to men's grooming, like the group itself, are varied. Thus, it goes without saying that the brands that are catering to this growing contingent of shaving aficionados are similarly diverse and today we'll explore a few of them and just how they go about uniquely positioning themselves in the men's shaving space. Dollar Shave Club                                                  One needn't look farther than the name, Dollar Shave...
  • Out of the Shadows: Part II

    Posted July 31 2014

    After years of being treated as a chore, and a hated one at that, shaving is slowly winning over the hearts and minds of many men all over the world. And the leaders of this “revival” aren't your typical, big name brands either. It's the little guys who are leading shaving from out of the shadow and today we're going to examine two of these disruptive companies. Harry's                                           Harry's is a men's shaving company (ironic, right?) that was started by one of the co-founders of the fast growing, incredibly successful eyewear company, Warby Parker. And while there are a...

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