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The Bamboo and Sorona Tee

                                                     Earlier this year, we wrote about Tencel, an eco-friendly, branded version of lyocell, a biodegradable fiber made of wood pulp. When we wrote about Tencel, we sung the fabric's praises and if we didn't want to lose our audience, we'd gladly do it again. But today, we're going to talk about two things that just might give Tencel a run for its money: bamboo and Sorona. Bamboo fibers come from the bamboo plant, which grows naturally, free of chemicals...

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Less Understood Fibers

                                                      Plant and animal fibers are the building blocks of clothing. They’re what yarns are spun from, and subsequently what fabrics and ultimately clothes are made out of. With certain yarns, we get certain properties. Cotton and linen tend to be lightweight and breathable, merino wool is warm and insulating, and cashmere is soft and luxurious. But what about the other materials we see on our care tags, such as Egyptian cotton, Alpaca, and Tencel? Here we’ll review ten less...

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Tencel: No Need to Sacrifice

                            The environment. The term, particularly when used in the context of “saving the environment,” often prompts a visceral reaction. And while there are nuances, exceptions, and disagreements on environmental policy, what causes environmental damage, and how best to save the environment, I imagine that one would have to search pretty extensively to find someone who is fundamentally anti-environment. Someone who just hates clean air, trees, bunnies, and wants his or her tombstone to read, “Here lies Mr./Ms./Mrs. “X,” pro-swag...

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