Made to Order / Made to Measure

Made to Order

Made to Order is a service WvG offers exclusively for Rewards Members only. You may select your choice of Collar Style, Sleeve Length, and Body Style. You can select the standard collar size, sleeve length, and body length - or you may adjust them as needed. Here are the standard WvG options:


Collar Style
Sleeve Length
Regular = Standard according to corresponding size chart
Monkey Arms = Increase sleeve length by 1.5" and increase body length by1.0"
T-Rex = Shorten sleeve length by 1.5"
Body Style



Made to Measure

Made to Measure options are also available. If you would like to learn more contact


The Fine Print: 

1. All sales are final. Each piece is cut to order.

2. Delivery is scheduled approximately 4-6 weeks from order placement. 

3. We can only accept changes to your order details within 24 hours of submission.

4. Additional shipping may be required if purchased with in stock items.

Measurements & Sizing

Note: All measurements are indicated the corresponding size chart for each fabric. For more help on measuring check out our videos page.