The Business of Fashion: A New Wolf vs Goat Series

Posted by Mauro Farinelli on

Over the coming few weeks, we're going to spice up the way we're doing things with new features, segments, and the like.

One of the new series that we're introducing is: the business of fashion. What's that topic include? A whole helluva a lot. But we're going to focus on a few topics:

1) What we purchase and how much of it we purchase?
2) where we purchase items?
3) how we purchase?
4) why we purchase?
5) how everything above is changing

Also, two important items to note:

1) We're not going to just give you our random ramblings. We're going to use data.

2) Sometimes we will try to not only explain, but also, hypothesize. Again, we will use data and facts to support our thoughts, opinions, and analysis. But they will be our thoughts, opinions, and analysis. We're not claiming to be experts or the definitive voice/authority on the topics that we write about. Along those lines, we would love for readers to challenge us, share their thoughts and opinions, regardless of whether they are in agreement or in opposition to ours, and even write follow up blog posts of their own.

Oh yeah...while it goes without saying, we'll say it anyhow: please be civil, do not make personal attacks, and try to keep it clean.



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