Do Things That Don't Scale - A Wolf vs Goat Perspective

Y Combinator founder and former head, Paul Graham, is famous for many things, including the following advice: do things that don't scale.

From an implementation standpoint, those wise words mean different things for different companies, depending on a host of factors including their sectors. For instance, for AirBnb, now a $10 billion company, that meant going door to door in NYC, asking its users what they liked, disliked, etc.

For Wolf vs. Goat, that's meant never taking shortcuts. We pick the best fabrics, the best mills, the best manufacturers, and charge the lowest prices that we can for these goods. We see no end to this strategy, despite the fact that in doing so, we're doing something that doesn't scale. And we're doing this because we're crazy enough to believe that if we deliver the best product, at the best price, to the customer, we'll build something large and enduring.

But product is only half of our battle in our effort to delight you. When you are buying from Wolf vs. Goat, you are joining a family. A close knit family. A family that is uniquely functional. And we want you to know that you are part of the family, feel like you are part of the family, and help us spread the love.

Thus, over the course of the next few weeks, we're going to be contacting you, individually (not mass e-mail type shit) to find our what we're doing right, what you want us to do more of, what we can do better, and most importantly, to find out more about who you are and what makes you tick. Please let us know. Please be honest. Don't hold back. This brand was built for the customer and will be built by the customer.

Reaching out customer to customer isn't something that scales. It's not something that makes sense from a financial standpoint. It's a huge investment of our time. But it's an investment worth making. It's an investment that we are happy to make and we are eager to learn more about you.

At Wolf vs. Goat, we do things that don't scale and we take pride in doing so.
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