Men's Valentines Day is Today!

March.14th, Men's Valentines Day better known as "Steak and a Blow job day".

 I encourage everyone reading this post today to spread the word. I really would like to see March.14th recognized as a national holiday.

Another day of work wouldn't hurt but it's the steak and BJ that really matter.

The Steak -

I personally gravitate towards two cuts. The bone in rib-eye and the porterhouse. Nothing under two pounds. Preferably prime , grass fed , and aged  30 days or better.




The blow job. It's really self explanatory. How you like your BJ is like how you like your steak cooked. To each their own.


Here a few links so you can get a better understanding of how important this day really is and a couple steak recipes.    ( The mother site)

Steak Recipes-



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