Call it a Columbus Day sale......

Wolf vs Goat uses the best factories in Italy and the U.S.A. but what does that mean to you?

Normally, a shit load of confusion. That's bad for you and that's really bad for us. No one likes to switch from inches, to centimeters, to S,M,L ,to 39,40, 41, to Italian sizing 50,51,52,53, etc.....

In order to relieve some of the confusion we are having a sale!

Pretty much ALL made in the U.S.A. items  that are sizes XS, S, M, L, XL, etc..... will go on sale. We have moved away from the traditional S,M, L sizing and are sticking with chest and neck sizes.

The reason for this is simple. It gives you a better fitting shirt. With the MTO and MTM options that we offer at WvG you can't help but get the perfect fitting shirt.


While, we strongly feel all dress shirts should be "made to measure" not everyone feels that way and not everyone has the budget to wear "Made to Measure" garments.  This is why we make even and odd sizes. For rewards members "Made to Order" is free of charge. If you have a pretty normal body, "Ready to Wear" and "Made to Order" are options that can give you a near perfect if not perfect fitting shirt while staying within your budget.

Back to the sale.

The USA S,M,L, sizing are standard. Each size is a set measurement. Odd number sized people don't get a break. We want everyone to have near perfect fitting shirts or perfect fitting shirts, if possible. In order to do this a few size charts need to receive the axe.

Any shirt besides tees that are marked S,M,L will go on steep sale. For those accustomed to the S,M,L sizing ....score for you. Just be warned you need to learn your neck and chest size. After this sale there won't be anymore items ( tees type knits excluded) marked S,M,L. Everything will be according to your neck and chest size.

We know that it's going to be a pain in the ass for you to learn the new sizing but the end game is worth it.

The sale will start  Sunday Oct. 25th and go until the items are sold out.

* Please note all sale items will be FINAL SALE.*

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