It's Humpday let's talk updates

Hey Everyone,

The hoodies and sweatshirts have all been shipped, finally. They look pretty damn amazing. You will soon see they were worth the wait.

We have a few pieces left over. We put them on the web so they are good to go!

The Toni blazers and pants have arrived. We will ship those out today or tomorrow. They look really really nice.


I will be having another round of sales but I will not be having a Black Friday sale. That week is not only Thanksgiving but it's the start of deer hunting.

While you wait for great sales, I will be in a hide waiting. Hopefully, I will bring back some venison.


Two groups of MTO shirts have left Italy. We are almost completely caught up and hope that there won't be delays like we had. I do apologize for the delay s but the shirts are worth it. Specially, for people who choose the "jacket sleeves".


That's it for now.



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