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  • (Not) Made in America

    Posted May 15 2014

    After yesterday's blog post, we were pretty shocked about the state of sneaker manufacturing in the U.S. I mean, seriously, 90+% of sneakers sold in America are made overseas and up until 2 years ago, not a single mainstream sneaker manufacturer even had the technology necessary to make a sneaker, in its entirety, domestically. That's pretty crazy given the size of the industry: sales of athletic shoes in the U.S. totaled ~$10 billion last year. It's even crazier given the size of these mainstream sneaker manufacturers: if Nike were a country and its market cap was its GDP, Nike would...
  • Coming Home

    Posted May 14 2014

                                                                       One would think, expect, and hope that a product with a “Made in America” label on it would be just that, made in America. And when Wolf vs. Goat proudly says that its products are Made in America, we mean just that. They are made in America. No further explanation needed. No caveats, clarifications, ifs, ands, or buts. However, in the eyes of executives at New Balance, the definition of “Made in America” isn't so simple. It's complicated, nuanced, and flexible. In fact, according to New Balance's company policy, shoes labeled “Made in America” are those “where domestic...

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