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  • Monday's suck but a free shirt will make it a better day.

    Posted August 04 2014

    Hello everyone! As promised, I will be giving away a free shirt today. I really enjoy doing giveaways and it's making me think. I wonder if doing giveaways are a better marketing tool than traditional forms of advertising? Is Wolf vs Goat just catering to it's rewards members ( you guys are the best) or am I really reaching out to new potential customers. What are some other contest ideas that you would like to see WvG participate in? That's today's contest. The person with the best idea wins and WvG will use that idea for the next contest. Please...
  • Make it Pop

    Posted May 07 2014

    Popovers, woven shirts with button plackets that extend roughly to the sternum of the wearer, date back to the 1960s and though where and when the popover originated is a matter of debate, its utility, iconic nature, and all around awesomeness are unquestionable truths. The popover can best be imagined as a standard button down shirt with a button placket that only goes half way down the chest of the wearer and thus, must be “popped” over the head in order to be put on and removed and this style of shirt dates back to the 1960s. Some fashion historians...

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