Summer Conversational's 2016

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I went to visit an old friend last week in NYC. He is the rep for a few Japanese mills as well as some other Asian countries. I scored some good stuff.

Have a look at what's going up for pre-sale. I hope everyone is as excited as I am.

The only problem I am having is if I should have the shirts made in the states or in Italy.

If I make the shirts in Italy, I will use a different factory. The factory has a minimum of 200 units but the turn around time is faster than the factory I am currently using. I don't think it will be hard to reach that number with the fabrics, I have chosen. Nothing needs to be garment dyed so the turn around time is going to be shorter than normal by a couple weeks.

The factory, I want to use has been doing my MTM shirts for awhile. They are the ones that offer the Napoletana construction. Beautiful, beautiful, work. The good news is the prices aren't going up. Same kickass construction. If anything the prices might go down a bit.

If I go with the states, I will have to use the S,M,L size scale. 

Here we go-

We will start off with the seersucker. I can make shorts out of these fabrics, if I get enough interest. The seersucker is made in Japan and the prints are fun!

1. Beach campers. 

 2. Fishing lures ( production will be in navy. Black is a size reference).

3. Fishing lures ( Production navy).


4. Palm Trees in light blue ( in real life this is an awesome color).

5. Tropical flowers ( this print is very nice as well).


Time for even more fun. Things are about to go bananas.

7. Navy bananas ( The blue is off. It's really a nice shade of navy).

 8. Aqua pineapples 

9. Navy Pineapples 


The feedback from my snapchat followers suggest that both pineapples could be made. The navy pictured here is accurate. Think this navy for the bananas.


If you want to follow me on snapchat we are having some good times. My handle is

WolfvsGoat, naturally. You can also find me by searching Mauro Farinelli, I think. 

Tomorrow, I will post more fabrics. It will be a tencel post. I want to give some history and facts, along with the why I love using it so much.

See you tomorrow.