Great news.

Ice cube once said " Today was a good day". Well, today is that day.  

The Italians have shipped the pre-order shirts. The shirts are on their way to me, on time. The sweatshirts are finishing up as well. 

We are in queue for the bottoms, including the chinos.

What my might be a first, some of the "Spring 2017" fabrics from Albiate are early.

The fabric has already shipped to my shirt maker. This means, I will do an early release. The shirts will be ready at the end of June, perfect timing. 

The fabric is pretty amazing. I will go through each one. I have enough fabric to make about 15 shirts.

Let's look at some fabric-

 This exceptional awesome linen is a double print. Giving a crazy cool stubby effect. Made is accordance with the "Master of Linen" standards. The hand is very soft and the color and texture in second to none.

For those who were bummed I didn't go forward with the Monti fabric, here is your chance to get what you wanted.

This light weight 100% donegal cotton is a perfect summer fabric. The donegal effect makes this shirt a little more special than the solid Monti fabric. If you are a rewards member and want short sleeves, no problem.

 The fabrics name is sunshine and that's what it is. A ray of golden sun on your face to make you smile.  100% Linen in accordance with all the standards of "Masters of Linen".

This fabric will make a great long or short sleeve shirt. The colors to me are just right and transition into fall very well. Considering the weather we have been having, you might be able to wear this shirt into November. 

Last but not least a conversational. 

Tropical birds rock. The birds are on trend for this year and next. You can be in head of the pack. Digital printed on cotton, made in Italy, this print is vivid and rich. It can easily be worn as a short or long sleeve shirt.

There you have it, some good news, but wait there's more!

The tee shirt pre-orders go on sale tomorrow. This will include all linen, linen blends, and cotton. 

The bamboo sorona won't be ready for at least one month. 

That's all the news for today!


** Prices for all shirts will be released in the "Rewards Members" newsletter.


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