Happy Monday.

Rewards members still have a few more days to pre-order conversational shirts. You may also order the tropical birds and sunshine if you would like. 

There has been a production delay with sweatshirts. The factory is waiting for the cotton cord and toggles. It's out of my hands and theirs. We are working as fast as we can to get the trims.

Everything else for the most part is good to go. 

Anyone still wanting in on tee shirt pre-orders please email wvg@wolfvsgoat.com.

This is a important bit of info that can be shared.

I mentioned briefly in the last newsletter that I was changing the production cycle. That change should of happened 3 years ago. It's seems, I am not the sharpest tool in the shed.

Wolf vs Goat is a very small company.  We can't really follow normal production cycles. In order to fix this situation and for you to get all the cool items you want in time, we have shifted to a two month pre-order system.

It seems like a lot but really it's not. An example would be in July we will start making fall 2016. Using this system, you will start receiving fall in beginning of October. You will keep receiving Fall/Winter through November, come December we will transition to spring/summer.

We will release new product to pre-order once a week ( sometimes twice). If we skip a week don't be upset. The point is, we will offer a lot of great product so you can always pick up some cool stuff. 

The 2 month widow also gives Italy more than enough time to finish the goods. If we deliver sooner than two months, score. If it's two months you won't need to get restless because you are aware of the situation in advance.


Tomorrow, we will release a transition over dye collection made from Thomas Mason prepared for dye oxford. We will also offer traditional blue and white oxford from Carlos  Bassetti. 

Everything will be limited in numbers. Rewards members will receive MTO as gratis, like always. Made to Measure will also be an option.

I hope this helps clear a lot of issues up. Wolf vs Goat will continue to be as transparent as possible, while providing you the best level of customer service that we can.


Thanks for the support.


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