Pitch Fever

Everyone here at Wolf vs Goat is pretty damn excited for the World Cup to start on June 12th and we hope you are too.

In fact, tomorrow, we're going to launch an awesome Wolf vs Goat World Cup contest with tons of free prizes so, stay tuned and check back tomorrow for details.

But today, in honor of the World Cup's start, we've decided to share with you our favorite 2014 World Cup uniforms as well as our all-time favorite. Here goes and let us know what some of your favorites are too:

France 2014:

Alright, before you go getting your knickers all in a twist, let's be clear, we are purely commenting on the appeal of the French men's uniform. And, disagree with us as you may, we dig the simplicity.

As for their play on the field...? Who knows. All we can say is that the 17th ranked team in the world better bring their A-game because Honduras has been climbing the rankings recently with their solid play. 

United States 2014:

Sporting a "so fresh and so clean, clean..." all-white kit, the U.S. men's team will walk onto the field in Brazil full of swagger. But their uniforms aren't the only reason they will.

Jozy Altidore put two in the back of the net on Saturday, ending a scoring dry spell that started in December 2013, as the U.S. beat Ghana to extend its recent win streak to three. The much needed confidence boost for Altidore also renewed many American soccer fan's belief that the team will be able to squeak out of the Group of Death.

All-Time Favorite Italy 1982:

In 1982, the Italian men's soccer team went to the World Cup in Spain dressed like a collective boss. And though they struggled initially, becoming the first team in history to advance from its group after 3 draws, the Italian men elevated their games to match the excellence of their uniforms, ultimately beating West Germany 3-1 in the Finals.
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