The World Cup Challenge


                              The World Cup is in full swing and there's been no shortage of drama and excitement.

While we've been caught up in the excitement and drama, we haven't forgotten about the Wolf vs Goat World Cup contest. So here are the rules and instructions on how to enter:

  • Pick the winning teams each day (4 points for each correct pick in group play, 3 points per correct choice in the round of 16, 2 points per correct pick in the Quarterfinals, 1 pts in the semis, and 1 point for the final)
  • Include the number of goals scored for each game for purposes of tiebreakers
  • The entrant with the highest total wins
  • Each day we will select a feature game, at random, in which points will be doubled
  • The entrant with the highest number of points each day will receive a $30.00 gift card for that day
  • The overall winner will receive $150 gift card
The first game of the Wolf vs Goat contest will be the U.S. - Ghana game this afternoon.

Submit all entries to

Good luck!


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