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What is "cut to order"? Cut to order means just what it implies. In this case we are talking about clothing.

When someone places an order, that order is cut. If no one places any orders, nothing is cut. It's a very simple system.

Wolf vs Goat has recently switched to the "cut to order". We are a very small company. In order to manage our costs and keep our doors open we need to be smart. We just don't have the capital the sit on stock.

Large production runs and instant gratification is not what we are about.

We are about painfully thought out construction. We are about using the best fabrics for each garment. We are about sewing each garment one at a time to the highest standards.

We use small artisanal  factories in the US and Italy. These factories have been around longer than you, the reader and me combined. Generations of tailors, seamstresses , and pattern makers.

These artisan's want to do the highest level of work. They need to do the highest level of work because that's what they know.

If you are one who cares about quality and craftsmanship you have found the right brand. If you want something fast and quality isn't something that registers with you, Wolf vs Goat is not the brand you are looking for.

Shoppers have expectations of what a product should be. Sometimes, designers or brands that care have expectations too. The two groups can work in harmony and the result is amazing.

The perfect fitting garment is the goal. That's for both parties. The customer gets exactly, hopefully more than what he wished for, and the designer gets the satisfaction of knowing he did his job correctly. He has also gained the trust of the client.

How do this work on the internet? It's hard but here are a few steps to make your relationship with any brand better.

Know your measurements. Time and time again I ask men "what size are you?". The answer 98% is always the same. I have no idea, really.

That's not a good answer. If you are trying to get the perfect garment, knowing your size is a must, specially when there is no one around to take accurate measurements.

If you need help you may reach out to us and we will gladly help you find your size.

In the meantime as we switch over to "Cut to order" we are having a sale on our stock product.

This could be good for someone who's trying to get to know the brand and it will definitely help you with your sizing. 

Below is a link to the sale page. Please read the size charts and do the math. The little extra time might get you the perfect fit.






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