What's Wrong With Being A Garanimal?

Posted by Justin Temple on

Our new hunting jacket with coordinating sweat knickers are a match made in heaven.

If you try to tell any of us here there is something wrong with this fit, you will get the stink eye. It's a great look for those milder winter days that we have had here in the DMV. Both are constructed from our lovely named fabric (check your care tags if you want to know its name). If you are going to be a Garanimal (a typically pajoritive term for an adult who dresses too "matchy - matchy"), keep the rest of the fit consistent, simple and quality.

One of our black thermals will keep your body warm and look great underneath the Hunting jacket.

These great cap toe boots by Wolverine will show that you still are taking things very seriously. Pick up the hunting jacket, sweat knicker (both in either charcoal or indigo - charcoal pictured) and thermal from us. You can find the Wolverine 'Rockford' cap-toe boot at Redeem in NW DC. A great shop that also carries Wolf vs Goat. (www.redeemus.com)