A WvG First

Today marks the introduction of our first run of sweaters: the Hooligan, a cotton-cashmere crew neck and the Skipper, a 100% cotton v-neck. Both are constructed through a process called complete garment knitting. Complete garment knitting is a high tech version of fully-fashioned knitting in which the entire garment is constructed one step at a time. In traditional methods of knitting a garment, such as a sweater, sleeves, bodies, and cuffs are made separately. They are then assembled into the finished product, sometimes in different factories.

 Wolf vs Goat favors complete garment knitting for multiple reasons. The lack of seams increases comfort and provides better mobility.  The drape of the sweaters on the body gives a flawless and handsome contour. The production is environmentally friendly due to only the exact amount of yarn used in each sweater, creating less waste. Because the sweater is seamless it's more resilient than traditional knitted sweaters. As a result of the seamless construction, the seams can't tear. 

Both sweaters are cut slim but not tight to take advantage of the preciseness of our whole garment knitting production. Perfect for the Spring/Summer season, these two sweaters are lightweight but still heavier than the typical designer sweater. Wolf vs. Goat only uses the highest quality yarns. These sweaters are not meant to be layered because of their beautiful draping quality. The yarns we use are of the highest quality and are extremely soft to the touch. The seamless construction eliminates chaffing altogether, unlike it's full fashioned counter part.

The Hooligan

The Skipper

The Hooligan and Skipper sweaters are limited edition pieces. Fifty of each style were created. These sweaters are essential to your wardrobe. Get 'em while you can. Made 100% in the United States of America.

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