A Tote Apart

Imagine this: Your favorite menswear brand offers you an opportunity to save on every purchase you make through them: a substantial percentage off the retail price as well as a percentage off of sale items. It seems every bit as likely as that Nigerian Prince that always emails you but the truth is Wolf vs. Goat has a program to do just that. It’s our tote program. The program works as simply as this: if you buy a tote, you are entitled to the benefits that come from being a tote holder. First, being a tote holder grants you 30% off of the retail price of non-sale items and an extra 10% off of sale items. Second, you are informed of early tote holder only sales and offers on new product before it hits the web. Third, you get a tote bag and its usefulness will creep into your life more than you probably would have cared to imagine prior. The price of the tote? $75 and the perks are good for as long as you are alive.

Consider the math for a second:

If Johnny Customer buys two and only TWO shirts ever after the purchase of the tote (At the average shirting price of $165, a shirt bought as a tote holder is $115.50. That’s 49.50 in savings), the savings he made have already paid for the tote. The question that then begs to be asked is, why would he want to stop at only two shirts? With Spring 2012 bringing two chino styles, knickers, shorts,sweaters (look for those to drop in the next couple of days), swimwear, knit tubular tees, denim and more shirting it is senseless to go without a tote. Taking it even a step further, being a tote holder is applicable to our Made to Measure (suiting and shirts)program. The amount of potential cash saved is endless and for a tote holder you have the opportunity to purchase quality pieces for far less than anyone can offer in comparable quality. Plus you are privy to sales and new product before anyone else.  We don’t know anyone who doesn’t  like being in a “secret” club. It’s a great opportunity for anyone looking to purchase quality, ethically made in America garments for far less than you could get from any other manufacturer.  

It should be disclosed that the tote is in limited numbers so once that ceiling is hit there’s no more totes to give. Consider it an investment in your sartorial self.

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