Pimms Autumn Cup

(photo courtesy of: Alcademics)

Everyone should be well aware by now that the Wolf vs Goat staple cocktail is Pimm's Cup. Using Pimm's No 3., it is arguably the perfect summer beverage. Now that the seasons are starting to change for us here, it's time to think about changing up our drink selection. Thankfully for us there is Pimm's Winter, a Brandy-based alternative to the Gin-based No 3. which makes an amazing Pimm's Autumn Cup. Check out the recipe below:

1 parts Pimm’s Winter

3 parts Local Apple Juice

a bit of Star anise

Cinnamon Stick

Slice of green apple

Slice of orange

Warm the juice with the spices and fruit, gently. In a heavy glass mix with Pimm’s and serve.

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