A Tale of Love & Loss

This past week we have been showing at Capsule for Men's Market and our Fall '13 collection has been quite popular. So popular in fact that one of our cornerstone pieces was stolen from our booth. Our black cable knit sweater jacket was, well, jacked.


In a way it's flattering that someone would forgo being a decent human being and wait until it hits retail to pick one up. That it is such a "have to have it now" piece that they had to have it now. But seriously, what kind of individual steals from a company that is doing everything it can to put itself out there independently?

We aren't even mad though (we're pissed actually) and we know that somebody out there is going to see this sweater because let's face it, someone didn't take this for it to simply be their house robe.

We are offering a reward if it is found/returned safely; contact us via email (mauro@wolfvsgoat.com or justin@wolfvsgoat.com) Twitter or Facebook.

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